Thank you for your interest in Fizz. On this page you’ll find a variety of resources to help you and your child or student better navigate the Fizz platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fizz is at my child’s school. What is it?

Why was Fizz created?

How many schools have a Fizz community?

How are students identified in-app?

How does Fizz handle content moderation?

Are these student moderators fully in charge of content on Fizz?

I saw some posts on my child’s Fizz feed. I don’t think the content is appropriate.

I’m an educator / admin at a school with a Fizz community. I see there are posts making fun of me and my colleagues. Can you remove these posts?

I’m a school administrator conducting an investigation into a Fizz post. Will you share the identity of the poster with me and my colleagues?

Fizz Safety Features

In addition to community moderation, Fizz also believes users should be empowered to make their own choices about the content and interactions they have on the platform. We enable this through select, safety-focused features.

Reporting posts

Reporting posts

Blocking Users

Blocking Users

We continue to experiment with new features to make Fizz a safer, more inclusive space. If you have any ideas, always feel free to reach out to

Additional Resources

For more information about Fizz, we’d encourage you to check out our Blog.
For more information on Fizz’s content moderation policies and system, please see these pages below:

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