Community Guidelines for Colleges

If you see content that you believe violates any of these guidelines, please click the flag icon on any post or comment to report it to the community moderators at your school. For more specifics on how our community moderation works, click here.

❌ Personal Attacks and Bullying

Do not use the platform to jeopardize the safety of or create a danger for any individual or group

  • Do not create content about or relating to anyone (including fellow students, public figures, university faculty, or individuals in or not in the community) that could jeopardize that individual or group’s safety or create a danger to oneself or others.

  • Never release an individual’s private information (i.e., “doxing”), defined as any information that is not public domain (i.e. contact info, address, whereabouts).

Do not use or solicit identifiable information of another individual student in a negative or mean-spirited context

  • Student identifiable information includes names, initials, photos that do not obscure someone’s face, or any reference that could be reasonably used to identify a student.

  • Note that the use of identifiable information about a student in a positive or neutral context is permitted.

  • If there is newsworthy event involving a student (i.e., the event is public on non-anonymous news platforms), discussion relating to the individual in the context of the specific news event is permitted.

Humor, criticism, and discussion about identifiable school staff or student groups is permitted so long as the real-world safety of all parties is preserved

  • Faculty: Since faculty are not considered part of the Fizz community, they can be mentioned by name. Student TAs and RAs are students, not faculty, and mean-spirited content with identifiable information about them is prohibited.

  • Student groups or organizations: You can address student groups by name unless a post contains identifiable information about a singular individual in that group.

💡 General Rule: Don’t attack anyone and don’t use another student’s personal info to be mean

❌ Hate Speech

We strictly prohibit any form of hate speech - defined as engaging in prejudice based on race, class, age, body type, ability, religion, ethnicity, gender identity, or sexual orientation — against any individual or group, including public figures and faculty / staff.

💡 General Rule: Be tolerant and respect everyone, regardless of their background

❌ Misinformation

Do not post any purposefully misleading or untrue information.

  • Our moderators are trained to remove content that is verifiably false. However, if someone claims that a person or group has broken the law or violated civil policies, it will always be removed unless it is verifiably true.

  • Note that making any negative claim about an identifiable student or directed towards an individual community member would always be removed for personal attacks and bullying.

Do not impersonate other individuals, both within and outside the community (e.g., celebrities, politicians).

  • Parody accounts of public figures or faculty are fine as long as it is explicitly made obvious that it is a parody. Parody accounts of fellow students are NOT allowed.

💡 General Rule: Don’t spread lies or pretend to be someone else

❌ Spamming or Trolling

We remove content that lacks relevance, uniqueness, or community value.

  • Do not post content lacking meaningful substance

  • Do not repeatedly post the same or similar content

  • Do not post hurtful or harassing content without positive value

  • Do not use Fizz to promote a service or product that does not directly benefit the Fizz community (as determined by community moderators)

❌ Illegal Activity

Although discussion of drugs or alcohol is permitted in university communities, we strictly prohibit the buying or selling of any controlled substance.

  • Even if certain tobacco products, pharmaceutical drugs, cannabis, or alcohol is legal in your state, we prohibit the solicitation of all controlled substances on Fizz.

Content that promotes or encourages others to participate in illegal or harmful activities is prohibited.

  • Harmful activities are activities that create a high degree of risk and / or endanger an individual or group.

❌ Self Harm

Although positive, productive discussion regarding mental health is permitted, we don’t allow anything that could be perceived as encouraging, glorifying, or making humor out of self-harm, severe mental distress, or suicide.

❌ Obscene Content

Do not post any overly sexual, obscene, graphic, and / or violent text or images.

  • Nudity of all forms, content containing excessive gore, and content depicting acts of violence are prohibited.

  • While discussing sex and relationships is permitted, overly graphic text that describes scenes in detail is prohibited.

❌ Violence

Do not post any content that encourages / incites violence.

  • Encouraging, inciting, or threatening violence towards any individual or group is prohibited regardless of the individual’s or group’s identity (e.g., student, faculty).

  • Posting media of violence, especially violence involving community members (e.g., fights between students at or after school), is not permitted under any circumstances.


Our guidelines are not exhaustive, and we will continue to refine our moderation standards as our Fizz communities grow and expand. Consistent failure to follow our community guidelines may result in temporary or indefinite revocation of Fizz privileges.

Reminder: Fizz is not affiliated with or connected to any educational institution. The views expressed within a Fizz Social community do not represent the views of Fizz the organization or the educational institution where the aforementioned community members attend or have attended.